Love It or Hate It?

When we first moved in, all I could dream about were striped walls.

And finding these photos didn’t help to tame my desire need for them.

Example 2 Hallway

Example 3 Hallway

Example 1 Hallwayimages 1  2  3 

Fast forward to a snowy day last winter. Kyle is gone for a couple days of hunting. I am alone and bored. And just itching to do something . You can only guess what happened next.

After about four attempts of measuring, taping, re-measuring, re-taping…and finally painting, I end up with this.

055_my hallway

033_my hallway

Because of priorities (we had other house projects that truly needed our attention more) this went uncompleted for months. And it is still like that to this day.

Instead of loving it, every time I walk down the hallway I feel as if I am in a circus tent. Which, if you know me, isn’t that bad because of my intrigue for the circus world of the past (bearded lady anyone?), but I am just not sure if I LOVE it.

At this point in the road, I can either embrace my (very imperfect) striped hallway by making the finishing touches and adding a gallery wall as planned, or…I can start over.

As daunting as a revamp might be, I already know that I would do something like John & Sherry over at Young House Love. Both of the hallways in their (old) home make me smile.

YHL hallway

YHL hallway 2Resource: Young House Love

So, my question for you is…love it or hate it?
Should I embrace it or move on?

Honesty is welcome here my friends…so bring it.

And, as always, thanks for reading.

Lots of love,




update: I had the below video set to private, therefore it could not be viewed. This has been updated so you should now be able to view the video. My first Video Faux Pas. We are making memories here, people! (Thank you Dustin!)

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since we moved into our house!
Here is a photo of us right after we moved in.


This was before we had the responsibility of owning and maintaining a home.
You know, when we were stress-free. With less wrinkles.

Looking back at everything we have done, on one hand it seems that we have completed SO many projecst (large and small)…yet at the same time it feels as though we really didn’t make that great of progress.

Has anyone else felt this way about their house?
I hope the answer is yes, so I know I am not alone!

I have been a total slacker lately by not posting (that’s what a new job will do to you!)
But I realized something: that I miss blogging. It truly makes me so happy.
On top of that, one of the reasons why I started this blog, to capture all the progress we are making on our home and to have a living and breathing diary of that…is non-existent.

Time to get back into shape, people.

So, today I have a video for you.
What I wanted to do is go through the house and show some of the progress we have made (and to also remind myself of all of the additional projects we need to tackle).

Please keep in mind that this was an impromptu video I decided to make right after work one day and I did not even attempt to pick-up around the house.
And please ignore the sometimes annoying commentary.

I also snapped a few progress photos (some are not the best as they were taken at night):


collage front door wall

collage kitchen

collage hallway

collage basement

collage office

There you have it; a current update after living here for almost a year.

I will eventually be going room by room with some tutorials, etc., especially regarding my new office; it is almost done and I am LOVING it!




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